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Things you should know before a Switzerland trip!

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Much of the Indian elite class has a fascination for Switzerland. Why so? You may ask. There is the one-word answer; 'Bollywood'. Bollywood has an infamous love affair with Switzerland. We have been growing up listening to surprising numbers of songs and watching movies that have had Switzerland as a background. Moreover, the connection between Bollywood and Switzerland is such strong that Jungfrau Railways in Switzerland has inaugurated a train named after the Bollywood veteran Yash Chopra in 2011. Besides, Switzerland also installed a life-size bronze statue of Chopra in May, 2016. Not only has that but the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel had a suite after Chopra which he inaugurated himself. And finally, the Swiss government honored Chopra with the title of Ambassador of Interlaken, making him the first recipient of the award.

So, if you are a movie buff or even a sucker for natural serene landscapes of Switzerland, you should just contact us. Because we TravBond offer you the best value Switzerland tour packages for you. Let’s go through some fun facts as well as the pros and cons of traveling to Switzerland.


The Sceneque Beauty:

Switzerland is enriched with breathtaking mountains and dreamy lakes. The clean blue sky reflected on calm turquoise water, the enchanting waterfalls piercing through the lush green and flowery jungles as well as the breezy banks make for heavenly travel destination attracting millions of tourists each year.

The Small Swiss Towns & Villages:

When you take a train in Switzerland then you will be able to see the view of picturesque towns and villages straight out of some painting from the era of renaissance. There is something special about these fortress towns that give a surrealistic essence and you think of these towns’ years after your visit here. In other words, it's worth experiencing.

The Mixed Culture:

Switzerland is essentially a fusion of Italian, French and German cultures but somehow it holds a strong identity of its own. And that's what you love about this country the most. In just one tour of Switzerland, you get to taste all these three cultures as well as the Swiss culture. Therefore, you can say that you are paying for hitting just one country and in return, you are getting the experience three additional European countries.

The Public Transport:

Among all the other things you are going to love in Switzerland is the public transport. Whether it's in the cities, in between the cities, or even in the tiniest villages; you will get public transport. Besides, the Swiss public transport is extremely efficient and punctual.

Chocolate & Cheese:

Trust me on this, anything with chocolate and cheese in Switzerland is deliciously yummy. Switzerland does well with a lot of things but the two things they do best with are chocolates and cheese. Therefore make sure that you eat lots of them.

Switzerland is Expensive:

The major complaint you will have with Switzerland is that this is an expensive travel destination. If you are aiming for a budget-friendly travel destination, it's a better idea to skip Switzerland altogether. Even the healthcare system in Switzerland is crazy-expensive.

The Service:

This is not a deal-breaker by any means. Rather, it might cause you a mild annoyance. The services here can be best described as off-handed. It might feel like serving you isn't probably much higher up in their list.

The Rules:

Switzerland it's bizarre rules and regulations. Even a seasoned traveler with an ocean of experiences collected from different countries find it hard to deal with the strict Swiss rules. For instance, if your hotel says that they will ask you to evacuate if you make noise after 10.00 pm, they surely will.

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